Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Germans and Dutch: what is their image of the other?

Tonight they are playing against each other. A long awaited game. Good fooball is to be expected. If the Dutch loose, they are out. The pressure is high and "basic instincts" come into play: all the prejudices. What are the stereo types?

The Dutch about the Germans:
  • loud beer drinkers
  • eat saussages
  • still want to rule the world
  • don't laugh, are boring
  • are overweight
  • think that every Dutch speaks German
  • arrogant
  • material (big cars, big houses)

Before I continue... I grew up in Düsseldorf, that is ony 30 minutes away from the Netherlands... I do not see too many differences between the two...

The Dutch team:

Germans about the Dutch:
  • käse, kicken, kiffen (-> cheese, football, marihuana)
  • block German Autobahn with their travel trailers
  • do not understand the AUtobahn law: keep right as much as you can, there is always somebody faster than you. Dutch always drive in the middle (and overtaking on the right is not allowed so you have to pass them on the third lane where the 200 km + cars race by)
  • play good football but never get the cup
  •  the Dutch are the better Germans: more punctual, more efficient
  • no curtains in the living room (that is actually a fact but unthinkable for Germans)
  • good cheese, horrible bread

 The German team:

Match: tonight at 20:45 CET

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