Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#Germany vs. #Greece: football against austerity?

This is going to be interesting... Friday! Oh-oh- OMG!

According to the press, the Greek want revenge. In the stadium. If this is all... good. There is one good reason why the Greek should consider that not winning is better for them. I am serious. Keep reading.

Since this Euro mess started, the Greek took it very personal that they have to cut costs and the Germans were really strict with them. Many times during the riots in Athens and elsewhere you would see really nasty anti-German propaganda with swastika and Hitler salute. This is where Germans totally lose their humor. A cheap hit. Consequence: you guess it. They simply fly one country furhter: Turkey. The German tourism in Greece is on a historical low point. Is this what you wanted. Nee?

We love Ouzo, the blue sea and the fact that you invented democracy but even Germans want to be loved sometimes. Let us win and we come back for a vacation. Deal?

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