Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I m usually complaining  a lot about Berliniers ' attitude. For me, a native from Düsseldorf, Berlin is a desaster on all levels: politics,  tax spending, criminality,  education... an endless list... BUT the same attitude is now preserving the western life style.

Berlin is surely one of the best places to start a new chapter in life. Okay, cheap flats are long gone,  but basically Berliners do not care what you do and how you look like. Nobody wants to give explanations, so they also do not ask. It is always a bit of "what do I care?" Very unnerving when you want to go to tje city hall and they give you an appointment in 2 months. The clerks could not care less what your problem is. Being from Düsseldorf I find it shocking how public employees act. Anyway, these days all of this is a  big, big plus.

Berliners let nobody change their way of life. They made it thorugh walls and military blocks. And they simply see mo connection between terrorism.and their own plans

12 people died. Please say a little prayer for their souls and for the comfort of their families.  Few days before Christmas,  it could not have been a worse moment. But Berliners will keep standing.


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