Monday, January 2, 2017

Jahresendspaziergang in Potsdam

My friend is a fan of Potsdam and frequently goes there for walks in the park. On the 31st she wanted to do with me an end-year-walk there. Ok, fine. We started at  the station Berlin Friedrichstraße, took the express train, and 35 minutes later I was already walking in the beautiful (but super cold) Potsdam park of the Sanssouci palace. Unbelievable!

Meine Freundin ist ein Fan von Potsdam und fährt dort regelmäßig hin, um durch den Park zu spazieren. Am 31. wollte sie dort mit mir einen Jahresendspaziergang machen. Ok, bitte. Wir starteten am Bahnhof Berlin Friedrichstraße, nahmen den Expresszug, und 35 Minuten später spazierte ich schon durch den wunderschönen (aber super kalten) Schlosspark von Sanssouci. Unglaublich!

I added some photos for you at the bottom. Now we look for a moment at this little article:

I guess for most of you the most frightening word was "Jahresendspaziergang". Ok, we break it into pieces: Jahres-end-spaziergang. The "e" is being dropped so, that the "Jahresende" can connect with the Spaziergang.

at the end of the year = am Jahresende (n)

You might have noticed, this expressen "Ok, bitte".

Using the English word OK is quite international, but still remains colloquial in German. Especially this phrase, "ok, bitte" is more like a resignition. When you say it, you give in. It is like "ok, you said it, fine, I hope you know what you are doing, but I am not the problem." So, be careful with what intonation you say it, otherwise you could sound a bit childish or offended.

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